Square Banana

Urban golf brand Square Banana have a mission: To make golfing accessible and relevant, changing the way people think about golf.

Square Banana enlisted the YUP team to launch the brand from the ground up and create exciting, outside of the box campaigns, define the messaging of the brand and create and maintain a strong social media presence.

Multiple PR campaigns were created, to ensure maximum exposure and traction, centred around the theme of Guerrilla Golfing.

Short rounds were played and documented extensively with a camera crew and our creative team at London’s South Bank, on Oxford Circus’ famous crossing or even while besting the infamous 3 Peaks Challenge by scaling the three tallest mountains in The UK. No place was too remote or too busy for a round of golf played by a range of people from different backgrounds and walks of life. The campaigns generated strong interest and social media traction, ensuring that in the golfing world, Square Banana had made a mark.

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