Ultimo Hombre

Embodied by the tagline “Everyone can play, anyone can win”, Disruptive esports events company Ultimo Hombre provides amateur gamers with the experience of a lifetime by allowing people regardless of background or ability to compete for prizes, money and fame under the lights just like their esports heroes.

An activation was required to raise awareness and drive ticket-sales to a large gaming event scheduled at a prestigious events space in Birmingham. This was to be the company’s largest event yet, so the YUP team came on board, securing a retail space in Birmingham’s Bullring – the largest shopping centre in The UK with a footfall of over 200,000 people a day.

A period of extensive pre-production, then implementation, turned the empty retail space into a fully fitted-out and branded gaming hub in the heart of the city.

Partnerships with some of the biggest brands in gaming like Playstation and Turtle Beach were secured, as well as working with publishers Electronic Arts, Activision and Epic Games to host official tournaments. Epic provided a private server for the Fortnite event, making the event the first public tournament in the UK with a private server.

In line with Ultimo Hombre’s commitment to social responsibility and inclusive spirit, charities were invited to take part in the event, with charities focusing on allowing the physically disabled to play games given space to showcase their products, and there were recycling drop-offs for unwanted games, DVDs and computers and peripherals.

Esports and online influencers were brought in for promotional opportunities, with meet and greets, competitions, Q&As and chances to play with stars like Wizzite and the Hatfilms team ensuring that left attendees feeling that they’d been part of something special. The event was heavily covered in regional and national press, drove 20,000 sign-ups in 5 days and had queues that stretched out of the store and down the concourse, firmly putting Ultimo Hombre on the map in Birmingham.

Later that year, YUP once again worked with Ultimo Hombre, this time heading up production and marketing for a 5,000-capacity, 2-day gaming event in Jakarta, Indonesia. This included working with international teams on the ground, handling logistics and consulting, orchestration of a press-launch and working to bring in high-level partnerships with companies like Axiata Telecoms and Starbucks.

Once again, the event was a success and garnered strong regional and national press coverage, both in the gaming and mainstream press.

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