Ultimo Warrior

Ultimo Warrior is the online tournament side of Ultimo Hombre, sharing the same goal of throwing open the doors to esports, solely in the digital space.

The Yup team was asked to oversee branding, create brand guidelines and orchestrate both the launch of the company and the online gaming tournament platform at the core of the company’s business strategy.

As well as this, management of Ultimo Warrior’s social media channels required a steady stream of original content creation and aggregated news with ‘reactive’ posting designed to cover events as they happen, in esports and the gaming industry as a whole, while platform-focused posts served to highlight key features. The team built upon the community’s growth further by setting up a Discord for users to discuss the latest news, match-make and further cement Ultimo Warrior’s status not just as a brand but as a life style to opt into.

All of these actions drove sign-ups to the beta effectively, with 10,000 sign-ups within the first three months of YUP coming on board.

Some more clients.

Neither of the above?